Emergency ! – Dr. Rajshekhar Dutta, R.G. Kar Medical College and Hospital

I will keep it short for my non-medico friends, so that they can understand the importance of the situation that is prevailing in West Bengal.

NRSMCH: Two truckload of 200 people came and beat on-duty Interns and one among them was seriously injured. Suffered a depressed skull fracture and was unstable. So much so,that he was transferred to INK where he underwent Neurosurgical intervention. Thankfully he is doing better.

Following that all the doctors of West Bengal started protesting and stopped all services, viz OPD, Emergency.
We are bound to do this. Because we have been repeatedly requesting the Government for proper security, but they are unable to provide us, and the ones who provide, they sleep in the AC rooms and they really don’t care what is happening outside.

BMCH: Everyday since then, 10 doctors are being attacked by goons and they have also destroyed some parts of the Hospital and threw stones at the doctors. Some of the goons showed their private parts to distract the female doctors. One of the doctors got so hurt that he lost sight of one eye and became permanent blind.

RGKMCH: Doctors faced death and rape threats.

CNMCH: Bombing at Linton Boys’ Hostel.

MaldaMCH: Goons tried to attack the doctors who were protesting.

CMCH: People are carrying guns and loitering around the campus.

NRSMCH, MCK (Again): Mob attacked all the protesting doctors using dangerous weapon and acid attacks.

IPGMER and SSKM Hospital: Honourable CM went there, called all the protesting doctors as Outsiders, BJP, CPIM, Hindus despite everybody had their Registered Practicing Card from WBMC or College Identity cards.

She did not agree to provide our basic security but threatened us to join duty within 4 hours otherwise she will throw us out of hostels. The police is ready to Lathicharge in all the Medical colleges of Kolkata.

We being doctors, our heart aches that we cannot provide our service to our own patients. But we are bound to do this.

All we want is security and arrest of the goons. The Chief Minister could have agreed to this, but instead she raged a war against us.

In support of this cause of the Premier Medical Colleges across India, viz, AIIMS (including New Delhi and six AIIMS like Institutions), PGI Chandigarh, JIPMER and states like UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh,Tamil Nadu, and many others have called strike for a day where all the services will be stopped except Emergency for a day in support of West Bengal.

To support the junior doctors, the Principal and MSVP of NRSMCH has resigned. All the Professors, Asst. Profs, RMOs have resigned in the Dept. Of Medicine and Dept. Of Critical Care in COM and Sagore Dutta Hospital. All the 57 Junior Resisdents of COM and SDH have resigned. Many Professors and Assoc. And Asst. Professors have resigned in Medical College, Kolkata and many other Medical Colleges.

Not just the doctors, we all are in danger. The entire state is in danger. Everything is going to collapse.

I request all my friends to wake up from this slumber and help us to support us.

We want you guys to be with us.

Thank you!

P. S. Get well soon, my wounded brothers.

Get well soon, Bengal!

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