When I First Met Harry Potter! – DITHSA SANYAL

I checked myself before hitting my head on the desk. Professor Binns’ classes have always been the worst. Rubbing my eyes, I heard Professor McGonagall’s booming voice across our classroom.

Suddenly wide awake, I caught the word…………”Harry Potter”??!!!

 Why would the Headmistress mention ‘His’ name in this totally unexpected announcement in the middle of another tiresome day at Hogwarts??

I looked across the room and saw my fellow students shifting on their chairs. Even Professor Binns had stopped midsentence. 

 I nudged James, who was (as usual!) doodling in his textbook and was the only one unperturbed by the announcement. Looking up he answered, ‘’Father’s coming tomorrow. The 5th year students, I mean the ones among us who want to opt for a career as an Auror will probably interview him.’’ His matter-of-fact tone at times gets on my nerves but now wasn’t the perfect time for that. Shrugging, he went back to his ‘doodling’.

 Excited whispers were erupting from all the corners of the stuffy room. I sat back on my chair as Professor Binns’ droning voice picked up its usual pace.

I’d seen Harry Potter on a few occasions during my frequent trips to the ‘’Potter Mansion’’ with James and our troupe, over the past four summers. Harry having day-long busy schedules was hardly ever visible around the house. Even during our rare ‘whole-family’ Quidditch matches in their backyard, conversations were always limited due to the adrenaline and high tension in the air between the two groups.

This was going to be my first chance of having a proper face to face conversation with HARRY POTTER. After all, 5th year at Hogwarts wasn’t half as bad as it seems to be. An involuntary smile crept on my face. James threw a confused look in my direction.

That night I hardly slept with my nerves buzzing with uncharacteristic excitement. Even Mavis Longbottom, the heavy sleeper in our dorm was shifting occasionally in her bed beside mine.

The next day was even worse. I was feeling extremely groggy due to the lack of sleep. At the same time my nerves were jumping up and down all day long. I could barely concentrate even during my favourite ‘Defense Against Dark Arts’ classes. The minutes ticked by. Every hour was becoming more unbearable to pass even with the otherwise jovial company of James Potter and Mavis Longbottom. After the long torturous day came to end, finally, Professor McGonagall asked us to file in the Great Hall according to our houses. Leading the Gryffindor House, James and I (yes we are the prefects!!) stood side by side while the others filed behind us. 

Mavis was speaking animatedly to Jordan behind me. I could feel her nerves racing up and down. Most of the eyes were fixed on the stiff figure of poor James until McGonagall’s loud, resonant voice was heard from the podium. In an instant, all the heads whipped in that direction leaving James to relax and heave a huge sigh of relief. I patted his back laughing hard as he shot me his famous stupid grin!

That was when Harry entered the Hall. The sudden bursts of whispers gave into huge rounds of applause. We were directed towards the big spacious room where the interview was going to take place followed by a short speech.

As we settled down, his eyes searched the room finally resting on the first row occupied by Jordan, Mavis, James and me. An easy smile was plastered in his face as he broke the silence with the magical words once spoken by the legendary Albus Dumbledore –

‘’It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.’’ 

The interview lasted for a whole hour where each one of us listened to his stories of his adventures and the hurdles he had to encounter being the Head Auror, in rapt silence. After the first few minutes it turned into a more comfortable and easy-going conversation, going back and forth, between all of us. 

I hung onto his every word as they opened a new door in front of me. A door leading to a room full of new possibilities, aspirations and ambitions. 

I particularly remember one specific part of the interview where Harry had stated,

‘’This isn’t the time to make hard and fast life-changing decisions. It is the time to make mistakes, to take it slow and change your minds often, while enjoying the entire journey. Nothing is permanent! This way, someday when people will ask you what you want to be or what you are, you won’t have to guess. You will already know!’’

Before walking out of the door, he dropped a final BOMB!

‘’It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities!’’

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Writer details: Dithsa Sanyal is a 15 year old dreamer. Apart from preparing hard for her Boards she is an avid reader of story books and culturally talented taking Recitation  & Music lessons and performing them too.

Copyright © Kothabriksha 2020, All Rights Reserved.

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  1. R. Pathak says:

    Very good attempt, Ditsha!!! Well done!! Proud of you. Keep writing more.


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