O Maiden Of My Dreams – Rajarshi Das

Today I ask, what are you
O maiden of my dreams
An enchantress of hell
Or an angel of heavens?
For your beauty far surpasses
The beauty of a sunrise
Your beauty, far superior
To the majestic Himalayas
Your hands soft and warm
Like silk, your lips as soft as
Roses freshly harvested
And so I ask what are you
O maiden of my dreams.

Being enchanted by your glare
Just to get your care
One shall die without a second thought
Are you just a normal human
Or just a trick played by a mind
But, I don’t mind being played
For even if it’s a little bit
I want to be in your lap,
I want to see your face
And never I will try to return
To sanity, to the real world
And so I ask what you are
O maiden of my dreams.

You make me seek refuge in your lap,
Let me live there, such is my request,
This world is too much in chaos,
It is suffocating
How they force one to comply
With the so-called social rules.
The whip of fear of getting judged rules all,
And everybody has to bear an agony,
Please accept me and let me escape
This social-imperialism, let me stay
By your side in your lap,
And so I ask, what are you
O maiden of my dreams.

Author: Rajarshi Das. A former student of Aditya Academy Sr. Secondary School, Dumdum. Appeared for his +2 Board Exams recently, Loves writing poetry

Copyright © Kothabriksha 2020, All Rights Reserved.

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