WTF are you proud of! (Part 1) – Defogger

Your intelligence – an almost fatal accident that numbs your brain, a brain stroke – your brain is gone in a stroke.

Your body – thyroid can just play havoc with your body, in spite of the best workout or the healthiest food. If you belong to one of those communities who burns dead bodies instead of burying, in just 50-70 minutes your ashes will be handed over to your kin… after 30 years of grooming it & keeping it in the best of shape.

Your face – age will screw it, in case you have not realized & no amount of make up/ Botox/ surgery will be able to restore it. BTW you had no contribution to how pretty or not so pretty your face is… its by birth. So any feeling of superiority or inferiority on this topic is sheer shallow.

Your wealth – in case you have earned it using your brains & effort, then maybe there’s a bit scope to be proud. But wealth is transient. If you are able to retain that wealth till the last day of your life & make the best use of it, then good. Else, there is nothing to be proud of. 500 years later some explorer will discover king Solomon’s mines 2 (your hidden wealth) from an urban rubble.

Also, aren’t there many more who are richer & more successful financially…., In case you are proud of family wealth, that ain’t yours anyway – the moment you go against the family (e.g. same-sex partner, a partner from different background, relocating to a different place, not wanting to do family business in the way it was done 50 years back, etc etc), the wealth might not be yours anymore. In case you compromise & prefer to live spinelessly, well, there is no pride anyway.

Your friends – well, ‘I am proud of having great friends’ can at most be a good feeling…. a very very very very small percentage of them will be there when you really need them. Rest will all have ‘genuine reasons’ to not being around. If you have selflessly been good to someone, they might stay in the toughest of times – like going to jail with you / giving you a kidney when their other kidney is already weak, giving you an eye if u get blind in an accident, etc.

You topped the university. So what. Are you the only one in the history of the university who topped? No, there was one like you every year. You climbed the Mount Everest. So what? Someone else will do that in future. You got the best job on campus? Well it’s also because times were good & it was not pandemic 2020. The question I ask is ‘So what?’ What did you do with what you achieved? Whose life / lives did you change?

Feeling superior than others – is that the beginning of complacency in the subconscious? Is that pushing out others through superiority vibes?

So what’s all this ‘I am proud of ‘ fuss all about
Think ……. debate ……… Write back

Part 2 coming up next

Defogger is an ordinary citizen of india who works for a living, blogs for more than a decade on travel & food, travels extensively, eats anything that fellow humans eat (he is however not a cannibal), loves meeting new people, getting to know thoughts, cultures, philosophies, reads a lot, loves chatting, is full of humour, loves to observe constant & raises questions on habits, practices, norms etc etc that Homo sapiens have created for themselves ….

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  1. Rimjhim says:

    That is fab content Dada….congratulations! Loyal subscriber to Defogger now👍


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