Kothabriksha – The Beauty of the Flawed – Rajarshi Das

Kothabriksha – The Beauty of the Flawed – Rajarshi Das

The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
To see beauty in each is a talent
For none so ever would let go of their ego
To accept everything as it is.
Every flaw is a beauty and unique to one,
Thus making them special, and to accept
That uniqueness needed is the eye,
Of a person, Whose existence
Is just a weird dream.
After all people are used to judge,
They will not stop until they die
Then what for, Oh empress of your soul,
What for shall you cry?
Your soul is pure
Your smile is gentle,
You are affectionate
And not judgemental,
Your beauty far surpasses
Those who criticize you
They are nothing but a bunch of gronk
Because you are a true person
A human being of tales
And not the two faced demon
Hiding under the hides of human,
Then what for your innocence ,
What for you let it be slandered?
What for, tell me oh mystical being
What for shall you cry…

Poem by Rajarshi on Kothabriksha : https://atomic-temporary-160848753.wpcomstaging.com/2020/09/03/o-maiden-of-my-dreams-rajarshi-das/

Rajarshi Das: A former student of Aditya Academy Sr. Secondary school, DumDum who has appeared for his class 12 exams just recently,  loves writing poems 

All rights reserved Kothabriksha 2020

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