TASTE OF RAINBOW – Sanchari Sengupta – Kothabriksha

TASTE OF RAINBOW – Sanchari Sengupta – Kothabriksha

Following a downpour

Valiant Violet peeps out, breaking the raincloud
Idealistic Indigo shines out aloud
Brimming Blue spreads all happiness and joy
Genial Green casts an enchanting decoy
Yappy Yellow talks of good hopes and fun
Opulent Orange promises a thousand more ton
Radiant Red reflects faith and belief
Taste of Rainbow absorbs all gloom and grief.

Mean-while without rain

Violet gleams in an orphan’s smile
Indigo advances with the waves at kyle
Blue upholds a soldier’s pride
Green glows brightly in a harvest-tide
Yellow shines in the athlete’s gold
Orange hides in a carver’s mold
Red resides in lovers’ archive
A poet tastes rainbow in all spices of life.

Sanchari Sengupta from Kolkata is a teacher by profession. She loves to explore all nooks and corners of life and enjoys reading, traveling, and capturing moments.

All rights reserved Kothabriksha 2020

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