The World of Protests and The Change It Seeks – Mitrajit Biswas – Kothabriksha

The world although is still suffering from the Covid19 pandemic but that has not stopped the politics in the global sphere. The wave of new protests and development in the world post-pandemic are also slowly but steadily evolving which would have a long-term impact on the world political scenario.

 If we scan the world, we would find that a wave of protests has hit Belarus and Russia simultaneously. The wave of protests which have fired up the population against the last dictator of Europe, Lukashenko has a long-term implication on the politics of Europe. Belarus has been backed by Russia much like Ukraine to keep it under the realm of Russia or rather Putin. The recent wave of protests which shook the nation of Belarus and has resulted in a major social upheaval would have a long-term implication on the politics of the European Union vis-à-vis Russia which is going to take a new turn. The European Union even before in the crisis of Ukraine had indeed failed miserably and therefore it is highly imperative that when during this time Belarus is erupting in protests alongside the protests in Russia over the constitutional change that has made Putin president for life, it has one thing in common. The commonality of the fight against authoritarianism is a triggering point for a new chapter to be added to European politics if the EU could step up more than just a rhetoric or lip service and assure the people of Belarus staunchly.

The protests in Moscow have also been a new way of showing that the people in Russia are also not willing to sit down and take the situation of Putin quelling the opposing forces looking away from the other side anymore. The recent poisoning of the Alexei Navalny who was a critic of Putin administration has definitely not gone well with the already fuming fires of the protests against Putin administration. The economy of Russia like the global scenario has suffered and still is due to the Covid pandemic and alongside the change in the constitution to make Putin president till 2036 has not gone well with the masses of Russia at least in some quarters. Although Russia has tried to show the world that it has already created the first vaccine against the Covid pandemic to act like a success story of the Putin administration and put in his glory and achievement to the world. Russia had also been involved in Libya and Syria and has got a stake in the western Asian region to act as its extended sphere already where other players such as Turkey and most importantly a prominent European Union Member has also been trying to gain access. Therefore, the stakes for Russia are high not only to quell the voices of the protests in its own country but also to the ones which are gripping Belarus before it does any serious or long-lasting damage. It is now to be seen as to how Putin plays this crucial phase-out.

In other parts of the world also the wave of protests is happening. Lebanon which has been suffering from financial as well as administrative troubles has seen a wave of protests. The unfortunate incident of the explosion from Ammonium Nitrate stored in the Lebanon port and the failure of the government which has been deemed as a failure by the masses of Lebanon ultimately led to the dismissal of the government of Lebanon. Similarly, in the vicinity Iraq which had been destroyed by years of war post the fall of Saddam Hussain has seen a wave of protests in the Basra region where activists have been gunned down by extremists. The protests in the extended western Asia region could be looked at Turkey where the protests are not about the oppression of the government just in a political scenario like the earlier cases mentioned but to fight for the gender rights of the women. Turkey for the last few years has moved into a political regime that is looking to hunt the glory of the Ottoman empire and looks to revisit the history of the glory of the Ottoman empire. The wave of protests has also hit Thailand where the masses are looking to demand answers for the monarchy which has already been in controversy and the focal point of protests for the last few years. Thailand has been seeing protests coming in wave after wave and despite changes in monarchy has not been able to properly fulfill the aspirations of certain people.

Therefore, it is clear that despite the world going through the pandemic and seeing a change in the world order and turning a leaf in the pages of global history also needs to take note of these protests happening around the world. There have been ethnic clashes and protests against the government which has happened in Ethiopia post demise of pop star Hachalu Hundessa. Also, the protests in Sudan which have been happening over the army and government power-sharing are the other points of concern in a country that has also been in a political change for the last one year. The frustration of the people if not in the form of protests but through military coup has already happened. Therefore, this shows the importance of these protests and although these require a lot of sacrifice and bloodshed, this is the process of bringing a change. Although a genuine question would be to ask whether the change would be better or for worse. Therefore, the world of today is going through a wave of change in the way we live because of the pandemic but the sea of change never stops due to the political nature of human beings and the world we live in. The protests in the countries far and wide all over the world cutting across religions, geographies have a common point of connection. The desire to ask the government to give up the force of power and allowing for transparency in the governance of a nation.

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