COVID-19- just listening to the word makes a man terrified and crestfallen. It has taken the world in its lap. The disease is approaching to affect 26.6 million, including more than 875,000 fatalities. More than 17.7 million patients are reported to have recovered. Efforts, endeavour and management of the world in all spheres are trying to control this disease at its utmost possibility and we are on the verge of second wave.

The health professionals have been the cynosure and hope of all people. In this present scenario, NURSING Profession has started getting importance and praise. But I would remind you it is not only this time but from 1854 (When Florence Nightingale had the opportunity to test her beliefs during British Crimean War) Nurses are doing hard work round the clock to help people with the best possible care.

During this pandemic, COVID-19 Nurses are at the frontline and working with enthusiasm and fervour. At present Nurses are like balls of fire in this entire world.

They are unable to take adequate care of them and have to put up with the herculean task of taking care of patients.

According to the report of Deccan Herald, “Health care professionals including Doctors, Nurses etc. are not breathing easily, even those who are not on the frontline”.

On one side WHO is planning to raise the number of nurses by at least 6 million by 2030, at the same time people tend to forget the contribution of Nurses from time to time. Nurses are the country’s most trusted profession. They deal incessantly with patients both physically and psychologically. Still, Nurses face trouble and difficulty most of the time whether it is for the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Disinfectants or failure to get accommodation or transportation facilities.

 “After every 3 days, I have to travel more than 60 km from my home to reach Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar. I can’t explain how we reach the hospital. It is scary to walk on deserted roads and security checking points dotting along the way” A Nurse (name withheld) said.

Nurses are doing their work not as a favour to anyone. It is their duty which they have to fulfill. They are not scared of death. They have taken oath during their education and practice time for this work.

Hence, people should follow the precautions, advice and recommendations on what they get from time to time. The important and significant effort people should do is social distance and stay at home most of the time. Don’t be apprehensive during this time, have faith and be strong enough as we have to fight against this virus and don’t forget- MY LIFE IS FOR YOU.

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Author: Umar bin Abdul Aziz (23yr) is a resident of Tral Pulwama, Kashmir and is a student of Bsc 4th Year Nursing at Rajiv Gandhi College of Nursing Jammu.

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