Silent Woman – Sheena Ahuja

Whenever I saw a woman, I always imagine not about her happiness which she experienced in her life but only the hardships she must had gone through to make her existence in this cruel world.

As a woman, I have faced many unwanted problems in my childhood, continuing even still. I have seen every other female are being dominated either by their parents or their brothers.

I always ask myself, “Why a woman always need a man to protect her – whether in the form of a father, brother, husband or son? Is she that much weak that she needs protection from males of the society?”

Why a woman always will need to play a role in society except for the person she is inside her soul? Is a single soul out there to ask her what she wants to do, what she wants to wear, what she wants to do with her life? She always gets a tag on herself as a daughter, sister, wife or mother. But never ever she gets a name of her own as a girl.

Is there any chance to change the status of ‘A Woman’? Yes, if she chooses to. If she chooses to be herself, society calls her selfish. If she doesn’t, then she will be called a poor thing. The situation is very confusing and complicated for a woman.

A Woman has the power to change a family, society, nation and even the whole world. If she gets respect, it will touch her heart. If she gets love, it will touch her soul. If she gets equality in society, she will feel like a human being, she will find some meaning in life. She will not only remain as a showpiece in name of family or as a servant to cook meals and clean house or as a nanny to take care of her own kids or to satisfy men’s lust.

A woman is also a human being who comes to this world for the same purpose as a man does. It is just the orthodox people who manipulate their future generations with such hypocrite thoughts and that thought keep streaming from one generation to another.

A Woman was, is and always will be a symbol of patience and acceptance. A Man should never dare to dominate her due to his manliness. If one does so it will not only hurt her soul but her conscience as well.

I hope one day I will meet a woman who will be filled with joy and happiness in her heart as well as her mind. Hope society will let us live in peace one day and understand our needs and desires.

Author: The writer is an MA in English and is a teacher.

Copyright © Kothabriksha 2021, All Rights Reserved

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