Catch-22 – Ananda Sankar Dasgupta

There is an old Caribbean proverb that says, “Stop & smell the roses”, but in today’s day and age we all seem to just walking past the roses. Michael Holding once in an interview with Gaurav Kapoor said, “Instant Gratification isn’t living”. At 21 we cannot expect the life of a 41-year-old billionaire just by idolizing his thoughts. We need to make our way and have our own journey. Over dependence on data, technology and artificial intelligence has somehow perhaps taken over our common sense.

Everything is so result oriented that people more often than not miss out on the process. Amitabh Bhattacharya had wonderfully written a line in his song that went like this, “safar khubsoorat hai manzil se bhi”. But all of it is perhaps a by-product of Globalization, if we don’t perform, we perish. It’s situation that man has made for himself to get the maximum yield out of his manpower.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with a competitive environment, but what happens is the fall-back opportunities for the ones who cannot make it get narrower by the day. For most of us we’re average people leading average lives and there is absolutely no harm in that. Being ordinary is no less than being special. The world only accepts achievers, that we all can be but we need to give ourselves time. The time that we perhaps are not giving to us, the time that we may not afford to give us, the time that we’re missing out on, the time that’s never going to come back again. Let’s not run with blinkers, see around if you find someone having a problem to run the race, lend your help. We as a society can only succeed when all of us finish the race, not when two finish it on top and the rest quit in between.

Catch-22 is that annoying situation when one is trapped between contradictory regulations and conditions. My request to you, is do not fall into that manmade trap. Please do stop & smell the roses in the journey of life.

Writer: Ananda Sankar Dasgupta is a young Hotel professional .

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